Fabric Conveyor Belts

The fabric conveyor belts are resistant and impervious to water, oils and other fluids.

Conveyor belts without covers are the best solutions for some of your applications. They provide excellent grip for dough and low friction for accumulation applications and distirbution centers.

INO manufacturers bare fabric belts with different interply thermoplastics, such as PVC, TPU and Hytrel.

PVC and TPU belts with no covers. Excellent grip for conveying dough, low coefficient of friction for accumulation applications, plus all the properties of their PVC and TPU core...Like looking under the hood. No covers, just the core.... raw.

Raw 10 PU Grey ER Raw 10 PU Grey ER


BU/2 ER8 - 0+0 PU grey

2 ply bare x bare TPU grey, extra rigid, antistatic and oil and fat resistant

Raw 10 PU Raw 10 PU


BU/2 EM6 - 00+00 PU transp. F AS

2 ply bare x bare TPU. Food approved. Oil and fat resistant. Antistatic

Raw 10 PVC Raw 10 PVC


BV/2 EM8 - 0+0 PVC transp F AS

2 ply PVC, bare x bare. Antistatic. Food approved. Oil and fat resistant

Raw 11 PVC Raw 11 PVC


BV/2 ECF8 - 0+0 PVC beige F 1.8

2 ply PVC with cotton-polyester mix fabrics. Bare x bare. Food approved. Oil and fat resistant

Raw 30 PVC Black Raw 30 PVC Black


Bfab/3 EM 12-00+00 (V) AS BK 2.8mm

3 ply PVC bare by bare black. Antistatic.

Raw 10 PVC White Raw 10 PVC White


Bfab/2 EM 8-0+0 (V) W 1.6mm

2 ply bare by bare PVC. White Interply. Food Approved. Oil and fat resistant

Raw 10C PVC Raw 10C PVC


Bfab/2 EC 8-0+0 (V) W 2.6mm

2 ply bare by bare PVC. Cotton-polyester mix top

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